Daiho-ji temple is famous for the airy and graceful three-storied pagoda, which is outstanding  buddisum architecture. The pagoda is named as national treasures for its beautiful appearance. Scenic mountains that matche this pagoda are also wonderful feature of this temple.


 In the period of Taiho(701-707), Daihouji-temple was founded by Joei, who was a son of Kamatari Fujiwara. This temple  was build as the temple for  Urano station of Tosando-road. In the period of Daido(801-810) Gishin gave Daihouji-temple a resurgence at the behest of Sakanouenotamuramaro, Shogun (Barbarian Subduing Generalissimo).

 Tosando-road used to be a main line from Nara to North East area of Japan. Through the main line culture in Nara and Kyoto directly transferred to Urano-area.  

 Daihouji-temple owns many of such cultural treasures.

National Treasure

The Three-Storied Pagoda

 The three-storied pagoda was built in 1333. The head carpenter of this pagoda was Shiro. He came from Tennouji-temple in Osaka and built this pagoda on the cutting edge at that time.

 This airy and graceful pagoda looks as if a bird was flying in the sky and matches the scenic mountains around the temple. For this elegant appearance with its cutting edge technology and the balance with scenic mountains the pagoda is named as National Treasure.

 So elegant is the pagoda, leaving from it visitors glance back many times. People began to call this pagoda Mikaeri-no-tou(Glance back pagoda).


Important Cultural Property

Juichimen Kannon-Bosatsu

 This is the principal statue of Kannon-do (Goddes of Mercy hall). This statue has 10 more small faces on its head, since Juichmen means 11 faces. Kannon-Bosatsu is one of four Bosatsus (Bodhisattva in Sanskrit) and lord of compassion and mercy. This statue was carved in Heian period and it is the oldest buddhist statue in this area. It was carved from one wood of Japanese Judas tree. It stands 171 cm tall.

Important Cultural Property

Zushi and Shumidan

 Zushi is a box where Juichimen Kannon-Bosatsu is enshrined and set on a base of Shumidan. Two Shatihoko(Killer whale) are on the top of the roof. These Shatihoko are thought to be the oldest sachinoko in Japan.  

Important Cultural Property


 Fugen-Bostatsu is lord of universal goodness virtue and worthiness. This statue is thought to be carved at almost the same period as Juichimen Kannon-Bosatsu, since it has similar appearance. It stands 107 cm tall.


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